Taj Mahal (Season 1 ver. beta)

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The historical palace in India but re-decorated for the competition. Fitted with special screens indicating a player's death.

Ching Red Temple (Season 1 ver. Alpha)

A temple in eastern china made specifically for the competition. With beautiful and natural grass with chinese calligraphy saying "Gemhouse!".

Oakhood City [Upcoming] (Season 1 ver. Full Release)

The city where the competition came from. Home of Phil and Anna. Also home of the Makaia(Mack-ay-a) the water monsters. These are the AI in training and are very advanced and can be very annoying.

gg squad

Gold Cruise

It's very interesting but a beautiful sight. This cruise is pretty self explanatory. It's made of solid gold and costs a lot of money to board. It doesn't cost anywhere near the amount of the gem with a price of only $7,000,000 per ticket.


The 'water monsters'. These are AI and are very advanced. They will ALWAYS find a way to you and attack. They will try to hit you into the water/void. They came from oakhood but are also used in training.

Oakhood City Dawn

Desert Factory (Season 1)

Located in southern Egypt, this place makes many clothing items in a day. It has brand names on it indicating which side the brands are made on.

Boost Pad

Boost pads are good for making a quick escape when you need to get away!


Screens can be used for many things. They're in every map and are used to give information without changing the UI.