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Season 1 Coming soon.
Season 1 Assets available for mining.


(Possibly) Nintendo Switch. Be patient!


One day there was a miner named Phil. Phil was mining one day and then he hit something hard... It was really hard. He dug it out and it was a giant Ruby! Phil told his boss about the ruby, and his boss said not to tell anyone. But eventually the local news found out and told everyone watching the news. The news man said the ruby had an estimated price of $17,000,000,000,000,000(seventeen quintillion dollars). After that, everyone wanted it, even people from around the world... It was very chaotic. Every scientist wanted to get their hands on it to either sell it or do experiments on it to find it's true value or if it had any kind of weird and wacky power. Then, Phil had an idea... He called a meeting in Oakhood City(upcoming map), and it was being broadcasted all around the world. He said that he would arrange a competition, and whoever won would have the prize of the gem. One person from each country would fight for his/her country, and the contestant's family will keep it and can do whatever with it. Everyone thought it was a good idea so a contestant was chosen from each country to fight for the gem. However, some people didn't like this idea and attempted to steal it. Thankfully, it was never successfully stolen so the games could continue.